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June 19,2020 Love With Actions Dedicated a four plex house to 4 families two of whom have children with disabilities and other two are from the human security issues! This was in collaboration with Bumbogo sector of Gasabo district. We give thanks to the almighty God who provided to make this done and have these families have a new life! Love with Actions!
Love with Actions stands for children with disabilities! Would you like to be a part of this work we do? just small something make a big change DONATE

Love with Actions had a plan to build four units in a four-plex within a compound, the work is done now wow! This is a wonderful way to link the work of LWA with the needs of the community

Our vision

To help and advocate children with disabilities from vulnerable families have dignity in the community by showing God’s love in practical and holistic ways and reduce challenges they face as victims of ignorance and poverty in the community.


They are celebrating new life transformation

House repair of Dativa-Noah

Love with actions has a vision to holistically improve the lives of children with disabilities and their families. LWA work not only serves families at its Center for Family Empowerment but also goes out into the community to serve its beneficiaries. Dativa is the mother of LWA beneficiary Noah and two other young children. Five year old Noah receives physiotherapy and occupational therapy services at LWA. Dativa was abandoned by her husband, and her house was slowly collapsing during heavy rains. It was a very unsafe situation for her and the children. In November of this year LWA made significant repairs to her home and also constructed a new kitchen and toilet. This family expressed heartfelt appreciation to Love with Actions and supporters like you. It is our goal to help all of our families recover their dignity and to feel loved and empowered to move forward living meaningful lives.