who are we

A Rwandan non-profit organization, that exists to support and serve vulnerable families have children with disabilities.

who is love with actions?

LWA is the result of a work of God in the hearts of a couple – Gilbert and Esther. Gilbert had been volunteering for several years in a center for children with disabilities called Inshuti z’abakene in Kigali.One day he and Esther saw a program on TV showing the desperate plight of some other children with disabilities who were homeless and malnourished.They knew they had to do something for them. The next day they visited that young mother with two severely disabled and malnourished children,their father forsake them because of the stigma, and that first step led to the founding of Love with Actions [LWA].With their own resources, they began to supplement that family’s diet and found several others whom they also started to help in small ways.From a small seed of compassion, God is growing a ministry that has long been needed for these children and their families.

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