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Age: 17 Published on June 4th, 2020

Valens is a charming boy who was born September 23, 2003. He had a severely disabled younger brother Pascal who passed away in 2018. Valens suffers from cerebral palsy. Right away his mother Theresa sought help for him wherever she could and he spent many months in hospitals as a young boy. At one point consistent physical therapy in the hospital allowed him to sit independently. However, when he was released to his family they had no money for additional physical therapy and his abilities deteriorated. From the beginning Valens’ father was very angry about his son’s condition, resulting in much arguing and violence in the home. At one point Theresa feared for her life, and she went to live with her father for 6 months. Her father refused to have Valens come with her, and when she returned home he was much worse. Theresa and her sons first came to Love With Actions in 2017. They were given medical insurance and Theresa quickly became a leader in the mothers group. She was trained in weaving and sewing which has added considerably to the family income. Valens has benefited from the feeding program and now has the strength to participate in physical therapy regularly. He is able to sit independently once again, with hopes for much more improvement

In April, 2018 all of the mother and fathers in Bumbogo caring for children with disabilities attended a reconciliation workshop. During this time parents learned more about their children’s disabilities and were able to ask forgiveness from their children whom they had treated unfairly in the past. Theresa reports that since this workshop her husband has become a better caregiver for Valens, understanding that this is a medical condition and not the result of demons or a curse. Theresa has more peace than ever before and says she can confide in her new friends at LWA.

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