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Sezerano Shema Elyssa

Age: Published on July 17th, 2020

Elyssa Sezerano Shema was born on 6th July 2018, he is the 4th child and he has 1 sibling, 2 others passed away. He lives with both parents; his mother Chantal and the father Diogene. The family lives in a borrowed house. He has cerebral Palsy post birth asphyxia. Shema had started attending physiotherapy sessions at the hospital of Kibagabaga hospital for six months but it was so difficult to get there and the family was too poor to raise transportation costs. The father had abandoned the family because of having a child with disabilities. In addition to that, his mother had to work hard to get money to buy basic needs for the family and pay physiotherapy sessions at Kibagabaga which wasn’t easy at all. Before joining LWA, it was really a challenging situation since the mother was requested to look for a husband who had abandoned them and convince him to come to LWA

The mother reports to be more than thankful to LWA which reconciled them and convinced them to be legally married. It didn’t stop there but paid all that was required to get the two of them officially married. They are now a happily married family and they also employed his husband which is helping him to take care of the family’s needs. Besides that, LWA also taught the mother to weave baskets and she is also earning money and together with her husband, their lifestyle has been completely changed. Above all, LWA has saved the mother from traveling long distances going for physiotherapy and it is also providing free physiotherapy and occupational therapy services to her child. This has restore the whole family’s hope and Joy and they will forever be grateful to God who blessed them with LWA which has carried their burdens and also became family to them.

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