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Prince Mugisha

Age: 8 Published on August 24th, 2020

Prince was born in 2012 with birth defects that included having no anus to discharge bodily waste, underdeveloped genitals and no way to eliminate urine. He underwent surgery at 3 days old and was given a colostomy. At age 4 he returned to the hospital for a second surgery to create a way for him to eliminate urine.  For his entire life he has had to live with severe bloating of his abdomen, and the day I met him I could not believe my eyes. Because he is incontinent and has a terribly distended belly he is the brunt of so much teasing from children and adults. And yet he smiles, and was eager to talk with me. I began asking God “How can we help this poor child. What can we do?”

While he was at the center Prince started kicking a soccer ball in the courtyard. “Oh no!” I said. “You must be careful not to hurt yourself.” But Prince replied “But I like to play. I need to play.” Dear Lord, please show me and the supporters of LWA how we can help this very special young man to live without constant physical pain and rejection. Please join me in praying for the doctors who will see Prince, and if any of you know of any medical professionals who might be able to advise us, that would be such a blessing.
God brought Prince to us. He has entrusted us with his care, and, with your help, we will do our best for him.

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