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Age: Published on June 7th, 2020

Jackson is the youngest child of Francine and Ildephonse. He was born May 22, 2010 with congenital bilateral club feet. At that time his father was angry about Jackson’s condition and stayed away from the family, saying no one in his family had ever had a disability so it must have been the mother’s fault. Francine worked hard to find treatment for Jackson and took him to the hospital for casting on his feet for an entire year. The doctors sent her home with special corrective shoes, but when Jackson outgrew them at age 2 she did not have enough money for a new pair. Soon his feet reverted back to their original condition. Francine and her husband continued to fight over Jackson’s condition. At one point she fled to another part of Rwanda to be with family for a time. Seeing the stress and desperation this family was facing, local trusted friends spoke with Ildephonse and convinced him to love and support his wife and child once again. Ildephonse responded and began to treat his wife with more respect. He now supports his family by working jobs as a repair man and as a guard in Kigali’s Kimironko neighborhood

In November 2017 the family met Love With Actions. Thanks to generous donors Jackson was admitted to Gahini Hospital in January 2018 for treatment of his club feet. He bravely endured 7 months of castings, surgeries and physical therapy. At this hospital a parent must stay with the child and provide their food and daily care. That meant Ildephonse and Jackson’s two older sisters took all the responsibilities at home so Francine could stay with Jackson. They have become a strong and supportive family during the past year. Jackson returned home in August, walking easily for the first time. He has now returned to school, with the support of LWA, and enjoys running and playing soccer. Now he is also eager to help his family with daily chores. He will no longer need corrective shoes, but will continue physical therapy at LWA and check in regularly with his doctors to make sure all is well. His future is very bright. His mother has learned to sew at LWA and proudly says she can now earn enough to take care of her family’s essential needs

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