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Age: 16 Published on June 7th, 2020

Sulaiman was born August 14, 2004 to Celestin and Madina. He seemed to develop normally until age 18 months when his physical condition started to deteriorate. “We had fights because I had given birth to a child with a disability, so my husband decided to leave home, abandoning us.” Sulaiman has weakness on his right side, poor co-ordination and occasional seizures. Madina had been taking him for physical therapy until her money ran out. She is a strong woman and has always fought to give her son the best life possible. She is a vocal advocate in the community for Sulaiman and other disabled children. She loves being a part of the community of mothers at the LWA Center for Family Empowerment.

Since joining Love With Actions Sulaiman is getting regular physical therapy which has improved his condition and made him very happy. He is motivated to keep improving. Before receiving help from LWA he was lonely, but he now feels encouraged and has started playing with other children. His speech is impaired but he is attending primary school grade 4. He lacks the fine motor control to write, so he must memorize everything he learns at school. Madina has been trained in basket weaving and sewing and has shown herself to be very skilled at both. The money she earns is a blessing to her family.

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