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Age: 18 Published on November 2nd, 2020

NDAHIRO FRED is second born of 18 years old, who was born in a very poor family of three children abandoned by their father and stay cared by only mother, he normally delivered with normal developmental milestones. At four years old, he had epilepsy and fell in coma where, they took him to king the hospital for treatment and recovered developing weakness in arms and leg, slurred speech and loose of consciousness and his left arm paralyzed

He is currently not able to do his self-care like washing, dressing, brushing and eating. He mostly like to have decline of epilepsy and he is on medications the rest of his life. Fred is under support of Love with Actions for therapy and medical care, he is so lovely boy like to write even if it is very difficult for him, he is always having either pencil or pen wit a paper, we want to develop his gift of writing!

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