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Muhoza Justine

Age: 8 Published on July 17th, 2020

Justine is an adorable little girl with cerebral palsy who was born Dec. 6, 2012 to Eugenie and Vedaste. She lives with her parents and two other siblings in the village of Bumbogo. When Justine was only a few months old she became very ill, lying in a coma for two weeks at the local hospital. Her symptoms appeared after waking from this coma. Frightened for her daughter’s future, Mama Eugenie took Justine to several specialists in Kigali who diagnosed cerebral palsy. Her condition primarily affects her gross motor skills and her limbs are rigid. She is, however, very aware of her surroundings and smiles and laughs when you talk to her, though she lacks the energy to socialize more than a few minutes. She is completely dependent on her family to feed, wash and dress her. For a short time Eugenie was able to take Justine to a physical therapist, and her flexibility significantly improved. But then their money ran out and the therapy stopped.

Eugenie and her husband Vedaste are a great team. When Eugenie feels overwhelmed her husband steps in to take care of all three of their children, and sometimes took Justine to her therapy. Since they have joined Love With Actions Justine is now receiving regular therapy at the LWA Center for Family Empowerment. Justine has needed to sleep much of the day, but she is now participating in the feeding program which should greatly improve her energy level, and her ability to benefit from the physical therapy. Eugenie is a part of the LWA sewing program and she now is able to pay the family’s bills.

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