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Joyeuse Umwere Cyuzuzo

Age: 2 Published on July 27th, 2020

Umwere Cyuzuzo Joyeuse is the fourth born among four children. She was born on 12/12/2018; she lives with her mother Victoire with other two children who were abandoned by their father Gideon who left because of bearing a child with disability. She has suspected achondroplasia. Her family lives in Bumbogo sector – Gasabo District and they stay in a borrowed house. Before coming to LWA, mother was not comfortable in the society due to being discriminated. After joining LWA, her mother became very happy and she has hopes for the future

She has now been able to take her child for medical services with support of LWA. Her child has also started to get physiotherapy at the center and she has started to turn herself in bed and sit unsupported for a few seconds. This has made her mother to have hopes that her child will be able to raise from the floor and walk independently which feels her heart with joy. In addition to that, her mother has got to know other mothers have children with disabilities whom they share stories and difficulties they encounter in the society and this had relieved her heart from a long time burden that she always carried.

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