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Jean de Dieu Iratuzi

Age: 7 Published on June 7th, 2020

Jean de Dieu is an amazing, courageous little boy who was born to Claudine and Justin on March 17, 2013. He has four very loving and supportive siblings. At age three Jean de Dieu had a major fall and most likely suffered a traumatic brain injury. He spent a day in a coma and when he awoke he was unable to walk or talk. He was hospitalized for a full year before being sent home to his family. Claudine says “We suffered a lot of shock and distress when we saw our child, who had been able to walk, talk, play and sing suddenly unable to even turn himself in bed. I hated life and myself for not being able to help my child to find happiness again.”

Claudine’s neighbor, Lilianne, who also has a disabled child invited Claudine to come to Love With Actions. “I can’t begin to tell you how happy I became” says Claudine “when I was accepted by Love With Actions and my child was given a wheelchair. As if that wasn’t enough they started to provide physical therapy for Jean de Dieu and he is now able to sit independently. He feels alive again, he plays with other children and his life has joy. Love With Actions has given me a chance to learn how to weave baskets and I now earn money to solve some problems at home. We have also received a goat. My biggest challenge now is that Jean de Dieu is becoming a big boy and I have to carry him on my back, walking more than 2 hours, to bring him to physical therapy at the LWA center.

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