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Jacques Hagenimana

Age: Published on November 17th, 2020

Jacques was born March 9, 2012 to Immaculate and Faustin. He was born with multiple deformities which caused the neighbors and extended family to reject both mother and child. Her husband always blamed her for Jacque’s condition and after years of fighting and abuse he abandoned the family in 2018. Immaculate was lonely and desperate when she came to the door of Love With Actions. Jacques was severely malnourished.

“Love With Actions has helped him in so many ways. They buy milk for Jacques each month and have taught his mother how to prepare a balanced diet. His stiff joints made it very difficult for his mother to carry him on her back, but now with physical therapy his joints have relaxed and made this much easier. She has also been taught to weave beautiful baskets and she is earning money to support her family. She is more than thankful to Love With Actions!”

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