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Ishimwe Keza Allia

Age: 4 Published on November 13th, 2020

Ishimwe Keza Aliah is a beautiful and intelligent young girl who likes singing and was born in 2016. She has one sister and a brother and she is the first born in the family. Her mother is called Anne and her father is called Pearson. She has bilateral bow legs (genu varum) which were not taken for management because her family never had enough financial support to take her even for consultation. Her parents had about Love with Actions from a neighbor when she was almost 3 years and they immediately brought her to our center. To their surprise, they were immediately accepted and she started attending Physiotherapy services for endurance training since she had difficulties walking independently for more than 10 minutes. After 3 months, LWA took her to an orthopedic hospital where she was given night braces to correct her lower limb deformity which she used for 6 months.

On taking her back for follow up, it was so unfortunate that there was no significant improvement. This therefore brought about the orthopedic surgeon’s decision of operating her in September 2020 and they corrected her lower limb alignment which was followed by casting. She is now having casting which will take two months to correct her legs. She is very excited that she will attend school next year with her legs in proper alignment. Her family is very thankful to God for Love with Actions which supported her to get the required medical interventions.

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