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Irasubiza Prince

Age: 3 Published on July 27th, 2020

Irasubiza Prince is a son to Emmanuel and Claudine. He is the only child of their happy family.He is an amazing young boy who was born on 3rd August 2017. He has Cerebral Palsy and Autism manifested by jerky involuntary movements in all his limbs, he is unable to turn himself in bed, sit or stand independently. He is also unable to talk. These are reported by his mother to have disappeared at 2 years and a half after falling due to seizures. He is now going for anti seizure medication at Ndera psychiatric hospital. In ability to atleat hold an object and bring it to his mouth and in ability to talk are his mother’s chief complaint.

He is fully dependent on his mother for all activities of daily living which makes he mother not to be able to find any job in order to support her husband in taking care of their family.
His mother believes that since she has joined LWA, she will be able to make new friends who won’t judge her or stigmatize her for having a child with disabilities like the others in neighboring community.
She also hopes to witness a significant change in her son as a result of physiotherapy and occupational therapy.

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