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Igiraneza Teta

Age: 2 Published on June 7th, 2020

Teta is little girl who suffers from malnourishment, developmental delays and visual impairment. She is the second born child of Claudette and Jean de Dieu. Teta was born Jan. 1, 2018 after a prolonged labor and spent a month and a half in newborn intensive care. At that time Claudette’s sister-in-law called the husband and told him that his wife had given birth to “a useless thing.” With that news the husband abandoned and never showed up to pay the hospital bills. Claudette and Teta were chased from the hospital and spent a month homeless, not knowing what to do.

Claudette had been through a lot of pain, rejection and loneliness by the time she approached Love With Actions for help in August, 2018. Both she and Teta showed signs of very severe malnutrition. Now mother and daughter are both being loved and provided for by LWA. Teta was immediately started in the LWA feeding program. Claudette says “LWA has made me feel alive again. I have been provided with a beautiful new house to stay in (rented by LWA) and I no longer get worried about what to eat. Teta recently had convulsions, but LWA covered all of the medical bills. Teta has now learned how to turn herself in bed and she can sit upright in a corner. I am very grateful to have met LWA.”

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