We stand for children with disabilities

love with actionS

Christmas party

Love with Actions prepared a Christmas party to make these children and their families happy for the born of Christ.

Health Insurance

Here is the Executive Director of LWA giving Health Insurance to the family of Theodette

Sally's visit

Sally Stuart is our adviser and Advocate here she visited Iradukunda's family in 2017

Gilbert Kubwimana

Gilbert Kubwimana is the Executive Director of Love with Actions

Julienne and her children

This is Julienne Mukayiranga and her children, this was taken at the first day LWA met her when she was living under the tree. Muhoza was weighting 2.5 pounds at 6 years, there is a lot of changes on their lives today!


There are visitors from Colorado,came to visit LWA and meet Julienne and her family


This photo is showing the first time we met Muhoza and today's Muhoza after meeting LWA and advocate her. Jesus has changed her life

Hope committe

Hope is the name of the Union of mothers of children with disabilities working with Love with Actions! From left to right: LWA Executive Director: Gilbert President: Marie Claire V/ President: Beatrice Secretary: Madina Treasurer : Therese Advisor/ Counselor: Liberatha

Financial independence

Love with Actions is training mother of children with disabilities to know some skills helping them in their future and have financial independence

Jacques Hagenimana and his parents

Here is Jacques and his Mother Immaculate and his father Faustin!

Jean de Dieu

This young boy is called Jean de Dieu, he is physical disabled, always happy and smile! He is so cute

Pastor Didace and his wife Liberatha

Rev. Didace and his wife Liberathe they are important people we have had here in Rwanda helping in different ways! I always seeing Didace smiling and happy, he is a very good man of God! He is preparing to baptize some of our children for his first time to baptize children with disabilities after his 23 years as pastor! I

Rev Archdeacon Samuel Kayitare

Archdeacon Samuel, is beyond a friend is a part of Love with Actions team, he is always happy and proud of the work we do for children with disabilities, Samuel is praying for us all the time and all mother of children love him because all the time he meets them he sharing the word of encouragement to them and remind them that they have a big value in the presence of God! God bless you Pastor Samuel and your family!

The salvation Army visit

This is the important visit with women's ministries from the Salvation Army Rwanda, they brought gifts such as food and household items to the mothers have children with disabilities in Bumbogo. God bless you all


The Community Center for Family Empowerment in Bumbogo Sector is located 30 minutes from Kigali City. This location is central to where the current beneficiaries of LWA live. At the Center,Love With Actions (LWA) staff conduct two main activities: income generation projects and capacity building trainings. ? The income generation projects target vulnerable mothers caring for children with disabilities. Mothers come together to weave traditional Rwandan baskets (agaseke) and sew products like purses, laptop bags, clothes, and accessories using African Fabric (ibitenge). All of the products can be ordered by contacting LWA directly.