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Francoise Masengesho

Age: 5 Published on June 7th, 2020

Francoise was born 26th Jan 2015; she is a 4th child in 5 children. Her mother had a prolonged labour and she had birth asphyxia which caused cerebral Palsy. Her father is called Ikizanye Francois and her mother is called Mukabutera Venancia. Her parents stay together with a poor financial status. They stay in a rented house and her older sister also dropped out of school because of poverty. Her family took her to Gikondo for physiotherapy when she was 1 year old for 2 months but there was no improvement. The family ran short of financial support and stopped physiotherapy until 2018 when they joined physiotherapy and Francoise was initiating sitting independently but she is now able sit well independently and able to play while sitting. She is also learning floor mobility and can now move from one place to another and the mother now has hopes that someday, she will be able to pull herself to standing independently and walk in future.

Her family was discriminated by neighbors and relatives but she is thankful that her husband was always there for her when the mother felt like giving up and had lost hope. Her mother was jobless and she is thankful that she is now able to make money to support her family through making cards at LWA. Her mother is also very happy that she managed to meet other mothers with children with disabilities and she no longer sees Francoise as a burden but a blessing to her family. She has also been able to make new friends from Love With Actions that she can now count on when she needs a shoulder to lean on when feeling low. Her mother is very thankful for getting free physiotherapy services from LWA which are making a significant change in her daughter’s life. God bless LWA.

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