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Francois Nsengimana

Age: 10 Published on June 7th, 2020

Francois Nsengimana is a 10 year old boy and the only child of his parents. His father is Rutaganira Jean and his mother Imanishimwe Alvera. Francois was diagnosed with mild cerebral palsy with shortened Achilles’ tendon of his right foot. Francois experienced a slight delay in achieving the walking milestone; he started walking at one and half year old. His mother never knew that he could be treated until 2017 in October when she met a mother who had a child with a similar condition like Francois, who advised her to take Francois to Rilima orthopedic Hospital for treatment. But when she got to Rilima she was told that her son couldn’t be treated with money they had and the only thing that was done was consultation and the mother was given an estimation invoice for the money that maybe required for his treatment.

The mother went back home and had a lot of struggle because her husband was on prison so she couldn’t manage to raise the requested amount of money. One day she met strangers when she was walking with her son and they told were about Love with Actions. To her surprise she came to LWA and her child was accepted. LWA has agreed to support and advocate for Francois and his mother now believes that her son will be treated and be able to attend school and excel since he has repeated P.1 three times because of leg discrepancy which causes him severe back pain and he stops school until he gets better. This has made him to skip school and find himself left behind by his colleagues. The mother strongly believes that it affected his academic performance but now she has hopes that everything will be better soon.

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