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Ezekiel Mugisha

Age: 4 Published on June 7th, 2020

Ezekiel was born June 20, 2016. His birth was difficult and doctors gave him only a slim chance of survival. His mother Antoinette says that for two weeks he did not cry or make any sound. He suffers from cerebral palsy. Although Ezekiel’s father Pierre did not abandon the family when Ezekiel was born, as often happens in Rwanda, he refuses to help Antoinette in caring for him. There are 7 other children in the family. Pierre also refuses to stand up for his wife and son when they are discriminated against by neighbors and extended family. In Rwanda conditions like Ezekiel’s are thought to come from demons, curses or poison. The mother is frequently blamed and rejected. At Love With Actions we realize that this kind of hatred is rooted in a lack of education, and so one of our major goals is to educate the community.

Through all of this Antoinette still perseveres. Since joining Love With Actions in December 2017 Ezekiel, who was very malnourished, is being helped by the feeding program. As he gains strength he will also start physical therapy. Antoinette has been educated about his condition and how to better care for him at home. Ezekiel is happiest sitting with his mother, listening to music or playing with toys. Her participation in the LWA sewing group allows them to be together even as Antoinette earns an income for her family.

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