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Emima Tuzayishimira

Age: 2 Published on July 17th, 2020

Tuzayishimira emima is a 2 year old, beautiful baby girl who was born on 7th July 2018 prematurely with hydrocephalus and later experienced severe malnutrition and developmental delay. She is a daughter to Ernestine and Jean Claude with 1 sister divine. She came to Love with actions in 2019 and she looked malnourished with a big size of the head compared to body size, unable to hold her head upright, unable to turn herself in bed and unable to talk. In May 2019, LWA took her for insertion of a shunt for drainage of excessive fluids and it was successful. She was later brought back and LWA started intensive nutrition and physiotherapy.

She is now a healthy baby girl who is able to do quite a number of activities of daily living which are listed below.

– She is able to hold a piece of food and put in the mouth, she is able to chew. She is also able to turn herself in bed from supine to prone and back, hold her head upright and maintain sitting position independently for 30 minutes when placed in sitting and can play with other children while sitting.She is able to speak a number of words and she communicates quite well. She now able to feed herself independently, put food in the mouth or  a cup and drinks without any assistance.

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