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Emima Tuzayishimira

Age: 2 Published on July 17th, 2020

Emima Tuzayishimira is a beautiful girl who was born on 7th July 2018. Her mother is called Ernestine and the father is called Jean Claude. Emima has one sister of 5 years old called Divine. Emima was born prematurely at 7months. She was born from her home with no bodies assistance. She wasn’t taken to the hospital until nine months when the mother took her for immunization. The mother noticed the child to be having a problem with increased head circumference and she came to Love with Actions which supported her to take the child for checkup. The child was diagnosed with hydrocephalus and then LWA further supported her and she took the child to Gikonko Health Center where it has been managed by insertion of a shunt in May 2019. She is now able to bring her hands to her mouth.

She is unable to turn self in bed or sit independently. LWA has now involved the child in Physiotherapy program so that she maybe able to achieve the milestones. Emima’s father abandoned the family because he couldn’t accept the fact that a child with disabilities could be his. The mother is now learning how to weave baskets from LWA and she is now having hope for both her child and the family’s future since she will be earning money to support her family.

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