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Age: 5 Published on July 20th, 2020

Donath was born on 23rd January 2015, he is the 7th born in seven children. Donath sustained right hemi paresis post Traumatic Brain Injury when he got knocked down by a motorcycle and spent almost a complete year admitted at CHUK. He is a brother to Dorothy who is also a beneficiary of LWA. His father first abandoned the family because of Dorothy who had sustained a left hemi paresis post TBI. He later could come home once in a while just harass and beat the wife so that she gets tired and lives the family alone without children with disabilities. He later came home as usual with but this time he was swinging a panga as he looked for her. One child told the mother to escape from the other door out of the house and as she was doing so, the husband saw her and threw the panga at her but fortunately enough it didn’t manage to get to her so local leaders came to her rescue and now her husband is in prison. Life after that was a bit peaceful but it was still hard because she was poor, and had to provide at least basic needs of the family alone and this almost made her to become crazy. This was also a result of having two children who had disabilities and she had to take both of them to CHUK which is from them and it was expensive and she couldn’t manage until she joined LWA which has released her from all that. LWA has paid medical insurance for her whole family; it has improved the well being of the whole of them.

LWA has also provided physiotherapy services to both of her children for free and now they are both able to walk independently and use their upper limbs that were initially affected in activities of daily living. LWA has also further paid school fees for both them and now they are happily in school. His mother in addition to that is so excited to tell her story about how this has restored her dignity in the community which had at the beginning stigmatized them. She has also made friends from LWA and she no longer feels so lonely since she has people around her to exchange stories and laugh together. LWA also taught her how to make story cards and now she is able to make money which contributes to her family’s well being.

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