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Briyan Nkurunziza

Age: 3 Published on July 20th, 2020

Brian Nkurunziza is a sweet young boy of 2 years old. He is the only child of Shiflah Ufitinema. Brian was born prematurely at 7 months and the mother started noticing hydrocephalus at 4months. She took him to the hospital when he was 7months old and they did a CT scan but never told anything the mother about her child and they also never offered or advised any treatment. Brian’s mother gave birth to him when she was 23years old and her husband abandoned her saying that Brian isn’t his child. He doesn’t support them at all and he even changed his telephone number so that Brian’s mum doesn’t contact him.

Brian’s mother has no parents and her sisters and brothers who are well off stopped supporting her after hearing the news about Brian’s birth history. She ideally has no one to support her and she works as builders’ assistant at different construction sites and she sometimes doesn’t go to work because of failing to get someone to take care of her child and they have to sleep on an empty stomach if she doesn’t go to work. Her life is really very hard but now believes that LWA will help her with medical assistance to her child and he will be able to walk and this will give her time to go to work. Thank you LWA at least you showed a good smile and great love. God bless you! Brian is now at Gikonko hospital where they started to treat his hydrocephalus, hope to see Brian soon doing well and her mother smiling!

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