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Antoinette UWIDUHAYE

Age: Published on June 7th, 2020

Uwiduhaye Antoinette was born April 12, 2010 and has cerebral palsy. She is the second born in the family and her mother Clementine says she had difficulty accepting Antoinette as her child. “Her condition created a lot of quarrels and fights for me and my husband who was blaming me for giving birth to a disabled child.. My husband’s family also stigmatized me because of Antoinette and they have never paid me a visit since she was born. My husband refused to give me money to take Antoinette to the hospital, so I sold the goats from my birth family, but even that wasn’t enough.”

Clementine and Antoinette came to Love With Actions in October 2018 and that brought many changes to their lives. “I met other mothers with children with disabilities and this helped me to not feel alone. I began cherishing my daughter. LWA has covered Antoinette’s medical bills, including 6 months in the hospital for surgery and casting of her legs. She can now walk with a walking frame. Now she can also sit independently and this gives me time to take care of other activities.” LWA continues to provide weekly physical therapy for Antoinette which has reduced her pain and improved her gait and head control. Clementine is so grateful. “Love With Actions has given me a new goat and taught me how to sew. Now I am making money. Antoinette has been put in school and I am very happy about that. There are no more fights and quarreling with my husband.”

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