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Age: 13 Published on June 7th, 2020

Aime is a handsome, intelligent and talkative young boy who has been physically disabled from birth due to spina bifida and club feet, with no use of his lower body. Aime loves to smile, play with his 2 younger brothers and listen to worship songs. One of his favorite activities is to attend church with his family. He has two brothers Eric and Jean de Dieu and stays with his mother Pacifique. Pacifique has suffered a great deal. Her husband disowned the family many years ago, claiming Aime could not be his child due to the disabilities. Pacifique has no family in the area because they also disowned her after seeing Aime’s condition.

When she first met Love With Actions they provided her with health insurance for the family, a roof over their heads and supplemental food. In the spring of 2018 Aime was admitted to Rilima Orthopedic Hospital. After treating the open wounds on his body they were able to use castings and surgery to correct his club feet. He then had physical therapy so that he now can walk with crutches. Walking is still a challenge, but he is no longer scooting along in the dirt. Recently LWA rented a new home for this family closer to the LWA center so that Aime can get the regular physical therapy he needs from LWA. He was also recently enrolled in school for the first time, at age 13, attending Primary 1 at the Bumbogo Primary School. Pacifique is extremely grateful for LWA and her friends in the LWA community. This group is her only support and she says they all now realize that they are not alone, and their children’s conditions are quite common. Aime lovingly shared his thoughts on the work of LWA saying “Love With Actions brought light into our lives.” We believe it is Aime’s bright smile that brings light into our lives.

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