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Age: 6 Published on June 4th, 2020

Iradukunda is a bright and resilient little girl who was born February 26, 2014 with a connective tissue disorder and scoliosis. Her mother is Julienne. She has an older sister Kelia, a baby sister Paola, and she also had another very severely disabled sister Muhoza who passed away in May, 2018. When Iradukunda’s father first learned that a second disabled child had been born in his family he abandoned them all, leaving them with no roof over their heads. Gilbert saw their story reported on local television and immediately reached out to the family. Julienne and her girls became the first Love With Actions family.

Love With Actions provided them with a place to live, medical insurance and supplemental food. They also enrolled Kelia in school where she has become a top student. Iradukunda was enrolled in nursery school, but sadly she has faced a lot of bullying. In spite of her severe limitations she has taught herself to walk and loves to dance and talk with everyone. Iradukunda inspires everyone with her attitude. She is proof that disability is not inability! In the summer of 2018 Iradukunda was admitted to Rilima Orthopedic Hospital where she is receiving surgeries and castings to straighten her legs. This has been a long process, but she hopes to return home by March, 2019 and then return to school. LWA is still seeking funding for the final stage of her treatment. Her mother, Julienne, has been trained to be a talented weaver and seamstress. She lives at the LWA Center for Family Empowerment as a caretaker and helps to manage the shop selling LWA crafts

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