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Please Consider LWA on Giving Tuesday

Published on May 31st, 2020

Hello there,

We would like to share with you the updates about Love with Actions is helping the donors and all friends of disabled children. And we would need your help on   #GivingTuesdayNow

Countries have been under lockdown because of COVID -19 Pandemic, Love with Actions was there to respond. Initially, we began by distributing food to the vulnerable families of children with disabilities, driving kids to the different hospitals to get medications during lockdown and providing resources to their parents we also support other vulnerable families in their neighborhood lost their wages!

Across the world, people are facing increased difficulties due to the effects of the coronavirus. Families of disabled children in our community we are supporting are people rely on daily wages from sewing, weaving baskets, making Paper greeting cards and farming that allowed them to feed their children and family members.  With the obligation of lockdown, they were unable to earn their daily wages and not able to feed themselves or their disabled kids. We normally have a number of children who were malnourished and they had a regular feeding program twice a week at the center of Love with Actions, coming to get milk from Abundance and get vegetables from our garden with lockdown they missed it With all of these challenges to our children and their families, it may be tempting to despair. Though, Love with Actions is standing to testify that God is working from impossible to possible for those precious children. Below, is our last Saturday food distribution to the vulnerable families having disabled children!

Saturday May 2nd we distributed round #4 of food to 518 vulnerable people from 50 families. (Rice, Beans, Sugar, cooking oil, Maize flour, eggs) We give thanks to your generosity of giving! We will continue to provide this support as long as people are unable to resume their daily work and with the high crisis caused by CODID-19 Pandemic.

Help us provide some more food where it is necessary, Healthcare to our children, increase their nutrition, to provide shelter to the homeless, in LWA we stand for children with disabilities!

Thank you for making it possible for Love with Actions to help!

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