Love With Actions came up with the bright idea of teaching the parents of these children with disabilities a way of making money to help them survive on their own. We call this program Family Empowerment.They have learned to sew and to weave beautiful baskets. You can support these families by buying their products. Click on the button below for more information.

Our Services

These Are The Services Love With Actions Provide To Children With Disabilities


LWA provides education support to the kids after medical treatment! We send them to school!
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We advocate children with disabilities to get health care, education, food security, shelter!
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We provide support services and materials such as wheelchairs, crutches, Orthopedic surgegeries, br
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We contribute to the holistic life change of vulnerable children with disabilities & their families
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We give them hope for future through the Bible study and prayers as we meet once a month
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LWA is supporting mothers of children with disabilities for income generation such as weaving and se
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Support Family Empowering

love with actions came up with these briant idea of teaching the parents of these children with disabilities a way of making money and be able to survive at there own and called this program family empowering, support these families by buying products made by the parent, click on the button bellow for more information.


We contribute to the holistic life improvement of vulnerable children with disabilities and their families. click on the read story to read full story and click on the view more beneficiaries to view all beneficiaries, thank you!

Nadia Muhundwangeyo

3 years old

Phocas Dusingizimana

15 years old

Sylvia Ornella Yubahwe

3 years old

Donath Benimana

5 years old

Our Team

this is love with action's team behind everything

Gilbert Kubwimana

Executive Director

(250) 783-856-200

susan detlor

Advisory Board Chairperson

(425) 443 7634

jean mcallister

Advocacy & Advisor


Marie Aime Uwirora

Program Coordinator

Love with Actions

Betty Mukarugwiro

Seamstress Trainer

Love with Actions

Sally Stuart

Advocacy & Advisor

(603) 759 1514

Joanitha Kemigisha


Love with Actions

Jean Pierre Karangwa


Love with Actions


LWA is literally transforming the lives of some rwanda's hidden children with disabilities and their families, creating new realities for them, giving them hope,bellow are testimonies of LWA's freinds

laVonne dubois

when GOD opened Gilbert's eyes to needs of children with disabilities and their families in Bumbogo, he responded in obedience by quitting his job and starting a ministry. his work with this "invisible" population has brought hope and dignity to families who are often outcasts of society and abandoned by their breadwinners.

Jemrose Walker

In a world where persons with disabilities are often misunderstood and mistreated, LWA has come along and forced open our minds and eyes to see that " disability is not inability" everything LWA does is started with love this how they make difference, I am very proud to be considered as LWA ambassador.

julie st peter

this has been amazing time for LWA. the center for family empowerment has received so many visitor from around the world GOD has been nudging many to see his doing in Rwanda with these families of children with disabilities through his faithful servant Gilbert, praise GOD for his wisdom and provision for this vital and important ministry

larry thomas

Thanks be to GOD for Gilbert and Esther and for the ministry Love with actions. the good and godly work of LWA is making a life changing difference in the lives of children with disabilities and their families. we pray this ministry will continue to flourish, thrive and grow.

Jodie Sergent

Disabled does not mean unworthy or undignified. Love With Actions in Bumbogo walks out that truth tangibly every day by being part of the lives of families who have been rejected by their communities and their families. Through relationship building and skills developing resulting in stunning bags and other crafts the proceeds from which are used to provide for the needs of their children. It is impossible to be at Love With Actions for more than a few minutes and not be overwhelmed with how God is using Gilbert and his team to show the women they work with what gifts they and their children are to their communities beyond!

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